What If Project

Episode 15: Church - Stop Making People Tithe

December 3, 2018

In this week's episode we talk about the story of the widow who threw her last 2 coins into the offering plate in the Temple and how Jesus' words aren't so much a challenge for us to be like her, but a challenge for us to be UNLIKE the teachers who told her that that's what she needed to do.  Have you ever felt guilty or ashamed for not putting money in the offering plate at church?  Or are you a pastor or teacher who has poured it on hard in an effort to get people in your congregation to give more?  Check out some different ideas around this well known story!

Show Notes:

Mark for Everyone by NT Wright

Binding the Strong Man by Ched Myers

Heart and Mind by Alexander Shaia

A Warning About the Scribes by H. Fleddermann

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