What If Project

Episode 11: The Cosmic Jesus

November 4, 2018

In this week's episode I talk about how my faith and understanding of God has developed to a place where when God has wiped the dust off His hands from His newly created heaven and earth, I think everyone who has ever lived will in some way, shape, or form have a place in His Kingdom.  And I think that not because it's a nice thought, but because that's the kind of God I see in Jesus - a God who goes to Jews, to Gentiles, and to everyone in between and embraces them all with the same love and grace and acceptance.  We talk about Jesus' feeding of the 5,000, His feeding of the 4,000, and what it all has to do with you and me and everyone who has ever lived.  Check it out!


Show Notes:

Mark for Everyone by NT Wright

Binding the Strong Man by Ched Myers

Heart and Mind by Alexander Shaia

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